Aaron P. Woods

Owner & Agility Coach

Aaron played defensive back for the Jacksonville University (JU) Dolphins in Florida. He earned All-American honors as the captain of the defense in 2005 & 2006. His passion for athletic training and motivating others didn’t stop after college sports. He continues to train at a high-level and competes at local sports clubs.

Athletes & Professional Trainers

Meet Aaron (AP)

I’m so excited to train with you this summer! I founded FIRSTDOWN Fitness out of my passion for team sports, group fitness, and strength + conditioning exercises. I’ve played sports practically my entire life, and when I think back to my time as a competing athlete, I remember how challenging and fulfilling the workouts were. Simple drills and circuits seemed to get the job done! We would run our ass off! The emphasis was on form, energy, and maximum effort. Results always seemed to follow. But when I left college football, it was difficult to find that sort of fitness experience.

I really miss the comradery, energy, and passion found in the locker room. Oh, and of course the healthy competition between my teammates in the weight room. The average gym simply doesn’t offer that. Not to mention, most agility camps and high-intensity training centers are built with the aspiring athlete in mind: People working to improve their performance so they can compete at the next level.

But what about guys like me who enjoy these type of exercises, but aren’t competing in the traditional sense? Where’s the group fitness option for athletes that’s affordable, simple, challenging, and welcoming to the full range of athletes?

The answer, FIRSTDOWN Fitness. We get fit and grind it out in a highly-motivating, team-like atmosphere using the same techniques as college and professional athletes. If you’re new to this kind of training, don’t worry, we’ll modify workouts according to your fitness level. Come train with us this summer if you want to lose weight, build muscle tone, or improve your agility. It’s gonna be lit 🔥!


Year Position DEscription
2017-Present Agility Coach Owner and Agility Coach at FIRSTDOWN Fitness, LLC. Heartsaver® First Aid CPR AED certified by the American Heart Association.
2004-2007 D1AA Student Athlete (Football) Jacksonville University, Florida

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