Ditch the gym? Isn’t this a fitness website? Look, we’re not entirely against gyms, but we do think they have their place. In fact, we encourage you to stay active at your local gym, and we’ve even created a FREE Lifting Plan to take with you in support of your training goals. That said, gyms can be so intimidating these days, and the experience can oftentimes underserve you.

Let me explain. As an athlete, especially when active in team sports, I never once worked out by myself. I was always in a group of at least 4 to 5 people who had similar fitness goals as me. We spotted each other, competed against each other, and developed a strong relationship through successive workouts. But when I retired from team sports and began training for fitness instead of performance, I struggled to find that same team-centered training. At your typical gym, the training experience tends to be lonely, segmented, and unorganized. You do whatever you can think of next, on whatever machine happens to be available at the time.

So I’m encouraging you to ditch the gym this summer and engage in some sort of outdoor, team-centered, group fitness activity. Here are 10 reasons why I think this is a good idea:

  1. BOOTCAMP2017: We’re holding an outdoor, team-centered, group fitness BOOTCAMP! (duh!) C’mon!
  2. The Lone Workout: Gyms are filled with hundreds of people, all doing their own thing. Fitness is not meant to be done along, join a team this summer!
  3. Average Joe: Stop wasting your time at the gym waiting on Average Joe to stop looking at himself in the mirror and put down the 35lb dumbbells you need to finish your bicep workout. Just do push-ups with us at camp, just as effective!
  4. Incredible Hulk: You could finish your workout in record time, but at the gym you’ve also got to wait on the Incredible Hulk to give up one of his 18, 45lb plates on the leg press machine! The only waiting you’ll do at BOOTCAMP2017 is in between reps.
  5. Instagram: Well let’s add a few more minutes to eveyone’s gym time with constant photo ops for the gram! It’s possible you’ll be at the gym all day at this rate.
  6. Complicated Equipment: I stepped on a brand new treadmill at the gym the other day and it took me 5 minutes to turn the freaking thing on! Seriously! The interface was amazing, it had Netflix and ESPN, and everything else I came to the gym to break away from. Awesome.
  7. False Sense of Community: Even though I go to the gym regularly, and see many of the same folks in there, everyone is so consumed with their own agenda that we barely get passed a simple “Hey!” If you want to build a community of friends that can hold you accountable to staying fit, then join us this summer.
  8. Money: You might argue that gyms are cheaper than fitness bootcamps, but are they a better bang for your buck? You signed up to get fit, are you accomplishing that alone? If so, awesome! If not, reconsider spending your money to watch other people look at themselves in the mirror.
  9. Motivation: At the gym, many times your motivation and self-esteem can decline because eveyone who is amazingly fit stands out, and those who are not as confident tend to hide in the shadows. Without the help of a team or coaches, you begin to lose the motivation to continue working out because you’re not as fit as everyone around you. We’re here to make sure you don’t feel that way. Our camps are structured for all fitness levels.
  10. Sunshine: Let’s be honest, this may be the #1 reason to ditch the gym this summer. And all the Seattle residents said, Amen! Get outdoors and enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin-D. You need it!

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